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Impact Pardons Plus – Home to Digital Digits promises to give you the best service and best advice based on the latest, most up-to-date information when it comes to digital identification (ID) services. It was 1999 when we first began taking fingerprints; all prints were ‘ink and roll’ to paper and submitted by mail. In 2005 digital fingerprinting using LiveScan technology (called RTID) was introduced in Canada by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The move to digital prints in 2005 was made to offer Canadians a better and faster service for those who required fingerprint results quickly. LiveScan replaced ink and roll fingerprinting with an electronic processes. Instead of putting ink on your fingers and rolling them on paper, your fingers are scanned electronically.

The switch from ink and roll to digital fingerprints allowed for a few interesting ‘bumps’ in the road along the way. Fingerprinting personnel had to learn how to handle old fingerprinting problems all over again. Solving problems such as no discernible prints, hyperhidrosis, arthritis, stiff shoulders, frozen wrists and platen height not right for everyone meant staff and operators needed to create innovative solutions to get the job done.

common ink roll digital fingerprint problemsSome new problems cropped up as well. At times the digital file could be ‘lost in transmission’ and calling the client back for a reprint was the only solution. It wasn't so bad if the client lived in town, but a big inconvenience if they had driven in from 100 kilometers away. Digital fingerprints weren’t necessarily better if it meant a second round trip to Kingston. Also, if the power went out, rescheduling appointments was a necessity. In the early days of digital prints, most organizations purchased LiveScan systems which meant they had no backup system for collecting ink and roll prints which they could send later when the power returned.

Why would people drive 100 kilometers to get fingerprinted, you ask? People wanted fast results and that was the exact promise of digital fingerprints. The requested digital fingerprint information for adoptions, waivers, visas, employment, record suspensions (formerly pardons), immigration or citizenship could be back in as little as 7 to 10 days. The same fingerprints put on paper and submitted via mail could take 8 to 12 weeks - or longer.

When Impact Pardons Plus – Home to Digital Digits opened its doors, we opted to keep our overhead low by offering ink and roll fingerprinting but utilizing an alternate digital submission system called CardScan. We take the fingerprints as ink and roll impressions on paper then scan the hardcopy paper with the approved Epson V700 scanner, converting the paper information to electronic submission, which is then sent via secure VPN to the RCMP in Ottawa for processing. We realized two benefits for our clientele immediately: clients save time and money.

A typical visit to Digital Digits for fingerprinting service is often done and finished for the client in as little as 12-15 minutes. That means the client is identified, fingerprinted, photographed, makes payment and can be on their way (saves time). Then Digital Digits utilizes CardScan technology to scan paper-based fingerprints to produce a digital file the RCMP can electronically process (saves money).

There is a built-in bonus with CardScan. Even when a power outage occurs, we can still get good ink and roll fingerprints that we can CardScan to the RCMP once the power is back on. If the electronic submission is 'lost' we have a backup to resubmit. You won’t have to come back, no need to make another trip, no need to re-book your appointment.

What if Digital Fingerprints don't work?

digital Canadian fingerprinting services Canada

We know that digital fingerprinting won’t work for about 5% of the population. When the digital process won’t work, what is one to do? The fall-back position for these persons is to take ink and roll fingerprints with an accompanying letter explaining what difficulties were encountered and mail the package to the RCMP for processing. In some cases like this, Digital Digits will submit two complete sets of prints to give the RCMP the very best exemplars to work with.

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