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Okay, I bow to your demands. Over this last week of snow falls, I have had many, many requests for 'the driveway' story. For those of you who haven't read it, here it is; for those who read it and came to IPP last year, we've all come a long way. Enjoy.

Clearing the driveway, I was thinking…  

Originally published 28 Feb 2013

At 5am, ploughing the driveway today, I realized how much life mirrors ‘ploughing the driveway’. Okay, maybe the snow was a little too heavy and I’ve hurt my brain somehow but stay with me…it’ll make sense soon.

So you start with a clean, dry plough – mine is a double-wide, 2.5 foot push-plough - and you look out over a wide expanse of driveway (the start of a fresh, new life) You have no idea what is in store for you.

The ploughing begins (life begins). Moving forward there is little resistance at first. (We grow, we learn through the years from 1 to 12) The plough begins to fill up (we gather our stuff) and the pushing is tougher (we’re growing up, 14, 17 and meeting challenges) so, pushing harder, we continue forward. (We keep going.) Gathering more wet, heavy snow (life’s baggage), a decision is made not to follow a straight path because the snow is getting heavier (you’re between 18 and 28 and you know everything – no one can tell you anything) so you veer to the side, wanting to dump the snow (life’s baggage) into the snow bank and continue on your way.

I didn't make it to the snow bank today (...but it seemed like a good idea at the time.) Now you have a big lump of heavy, sticky, wet snow (a criminal charge, life’s challenges like friends, education, cars, vacations.. can sometimes take us to that ‘seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time', point. We all get to that point, it’s just that we don’t all get caught.)

The snow is now somewhere between where it was and where I want to put it. (Sometimes in life, we don’t get too far because ‘stuff’ piles up, it stops our forward motion) The snow, left there, would stop me from doing what I love to do…my job. (Is your pile of snow stopping you from doing what you want to do? Is there a wall still in the way? We are all subject to the consequences of the choices we make.)

I needed something else to finish the job. (help)

I got a smaller snow shovel and broke the heavy, wet lumps into smaller chunks that I could get to the snow bank a little at a time.

In your life, when things pile up and you veer off course; you make decisions you may not be proud of, suffer the consequences and seem to be at a standstill because a criminal charge has put this wall in front of you that you can’t to budge. So get help.

Call Impact Pardons Plus (IPP). We’ll put you on the road to a better tomorrow, today. (A ploughed road.)

Sometimes, most times, I can clean the snow away myself – today I couldn’t.

IPP: 343 333 1778

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